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A little about who we are . . .

We've been doing this since before computers . . .

In 1989 the screen printing and embroidery industries were completely different. Art for screen printing was hand drawn and color separated using press type and overlay films or shot on a stat camera. Digitizing for embroidery consisted of "punching" a design to a "tape" by tracing a drawing on a large tablet.

We were cutting, pasting, and punching then and we're still at it today. Through the years we've created and produced both retail and wholesale designs for private, commercial, local, regional, national, and even international customers.

Included in our body of work are designs for Coca Cola, the U.S. Army, the National Security Agency, the Chesapeake Foundation, the Washington Capitals and many others. We've worked at all levels of this industry and developed all manner of designs.

When you commission Vanguard to create original designs or to prepare your logo or idea for professional production, you can rely on our history of success.